Friday, March 11, 2011

Soooo Not Cancer!

Wonder why in the last few months I never write about interview, getting letters from SPA, busy settling and preparing things for housemanship and the fact that I'm going to start my first job in the next two weeks?

I'm so in denial.

I'm running away.

When it's all over your head night and day, then the first thing to do is to try distract yourself with something else. That's what I'm doing. I try not to add the stress by talking about it and not trying to act like it is all okay. Yes, it's scary, that's what I really feel, not discouraged, but scared at the fact that my life will change 180 degrees starting next week.

I'm swallowing this fact like going through 5 stages of grief in cancer.

Okay okay, too much to be compared with cancer. Nonetheless, the first stage went well. I skipped second stage, or at least went through it by putting all of the emotion to myself - no one to be blamed but myself right? - and I'm not sure whether I arrived at bargaining stage yet. Can I have a little more time? :p I really hope to just skip the fourth stage cause it's only gonna eat me up - no good. oh Mr. Five, there you are. I can see you now.

Okay. This is really just nerves talking. I'll be fine. Innallaha ma'ana. Bismillah.



Farid Nazmi said...

Selamat bekerja Dr Nurul Iman. semoga menjadi dr yang cemerlang :)

emann said...

thx farid :) ameen.