Sunday, May 22, 2011

Believe it or Not, This is Our Lifeless Life

10 things people don't know about doctors (especially houseman):

1. We are busy. Much busier than prime minister's PA :p

2. So busy that sometimes we have to 'tahan kencing'.

3. We usually did not eat lunch.

4. We have at least twice a week of 36 hours++ service which is called ONCALL (rarely with sleep).

5. Most of us might have vitamin D deficiency as we rarely see the sunshine (from home 6am, go back at 7pm).

6. Most houseman has experienced at least one car accident due to post-call/*tagging exhaustion or sleepiness.

7. Unlike other jobs, we don't have weekend off (at least medical in HSB don't have). Work until you drop!

8. We are so busy sometimes we cant even have time to attend everyone the way we should have done. I'm sorry to all my patient if I have ever made them feel ignored, please forgive me.

9. No excuse. Sleepy? Tired? Hungry? Are they more important to be fulfilled than your patients? No. So no excuse.

10. No room for mistakes. But human always make mistakes. That's why, we are not depending on ourselves, but we are doing our best and leave it to Allah. Keep close to Allah, He'll guide us to the right path.

~Some were exaggerated, most of them were the truth, but none are lies. These are written to show the real world of houseman and for us doctors to find the real passion in this profession. We can always be human, but superhuman is built from the heart. Let's be proud of this profession for the sake of human lives, insyaAllah there will be blessings for us when we do it with passion.

~Thanks to my family and those who have helped me through my days of fatigue and tears. Only Allah can repay the love you have given me.

*Tagging: the first 1-2 weeks of adaptation in a department/posting where we have to stay from 7 am to 11pm.


Manusia untuk Manusia

Aku meraba-raba tanpa tongkat dan kaca mata
Di arus insan bersaing dengan masa
Tiada ruang untuk kesilapan mahupun airmata
Lelah dan marah hanya dalam rasa
Aku memakai topeng muka
Mahu dan mampu, senyum dan suka

Tiada erti lapar dahaga
Biologi diri teraniaya
Luka manusia yang bermakna
Bila diri bukanlah manusia?

keluh diri kadang bersuara
malah memakan hati, yang rela jadi terpaksa
benih tak berbunga
terlupa akan janji dikata harus dikota
asal tebalnya kitab buat beramal
bukan kot putih atau label di dada

Ada apa pada nama
Ada apa pada takhta
Bila tiada RASA?

Inilah kita, berjuang demi nyawa
bukan tidak berharga, bukan dilupa
tapi akan lebih bermakna
bila pengorbanan jadi sedetik lebih ceria
untuk makhluk bernama manusia.