Thursday, October 16, 2008

We Plan, Allah Decides; We Guess, Allah Knows

The phrase proves to be too right when something happens to me recently. We can always hope for the best, but do we know what’s best for us?

Allah always knows. He knows what we feel, how sad and how frustrated we are with what happens to us.

This time I did something I feel right to do, but it affects me deeply. Before and after I did it, I keep questioning back my action. Should I do it? Is it right? Is it the last option?

It is so hard, it is too difficult, but it has to be done. When you feel the restlessness, you listen to the discouragements and hinders, you see the ‘do not enter’ sign, it’s hard to continue the journey. This might sound like giving up, but you know Allah never burden His servants. He shows the signs to guide us to the right path, and referring to the verse 216 in Al-Baqarah which said you might like something, but it may not good for you and the other way around. Again, Allah knows best.

It is hard; it’s too difficult to choose something you dislike, and to face it even more painful.

But Allah knows.

He is there, knowing what you feel, what you did and why you did it. Why face all the sorrow alone? This is the time to be near to Him, cry all you want to Him, tell everything you feel, how sad you are, how helpless you are. Ask for His forgiveness and His guidance with all your heart. There’s nothing He can’t give or do. So don’t be sad! You are seeing the best therapist, the best doctor, and the best of the best.

The past had passed away, and we would not know what the future brings.
But today is a present. Cherish it, fill it with the best you have!

Allah Knows by Zain Bhikha

When you feel all alone in this world
And there’s nobody to count your tears
Just remember, no matter where you are
Allah knows
Allah knows

When you carrying a monster load
And you wonder how far you can go
With every step on that road that you take
Allah knows
Allah knows

No matter what, inside or out
There’s one thing of which there’s no doubt
Allah knows
Allah knows
And whatever lies in the heavens and the earth
Every star in this whole universe
Allah knows
Allah knows

When you find that special someone
Feel your whole life has barely begun
You can walk on the moon, shout it to everyone
Allah knows
Allah knows

When you gaze with love in your eyes
Catch a glimpse of paradise
And you see your child take the first breath of life
Allah knows
Allah knows


When you lose someone close to your heart
See your whole world fall apart
And you try to go on but it seems so hard
Allah knows
Allah knows

You see we all have a path to choose
Through the valleys and hills we go
With the ups and the downs, never fret never frown
Allah knows
Allah knows


Every grain of sand,
In every desert land, He knows.
Every shade of palm,
Every closed hand, He knows.
Every sparkling tear,
On every eyelash, He knows.
Every thought I have,
And every word I share, He knows.
Allah knows



naJwa naWai said...

salam... my dear.

something happen?.. mind to share with me?

i know it has been a long time didn't catch up with ur life ~ =(

Anonymous said...

After each plan that we make,it is up to Him to decide.That true for a fact. All we can do is pray and ask Him to show whats best for us. If you dont get what you want the first time, maybe He has in store something better for you the next time.Never lose faith for He knows whats best for you.
Thats just my view on it.
If you want the rainbow,you've got to put up with the rain rite?

p/s:i like ur blog.i'll link u ye?