Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My First Ice Skating Experience!

When you fall, get up.

Don't be afraid to take another step further. Don't think about falling again, but the progress you are making.

That's what I learnt from my first ice skating experience.

Without any expectation, I put on the skate shoes and feeling all excited. I think I can do it.

The first time I step on the ice, a feeling showered all over me. Without thinking I just do what other people there are doing, but they are all experts, or at least novice. I am a beginner.

Without no thoretical knowledge at all. Yes, I never got interested on anything that's using balance or even played with rollerblade. I suck at this.

I recall the first and only time I put on a rollerblade. I end up holding on fences along the time. I was about 13.

Looking back at my "practices", I guess this one is gonna take time. Mostly courage.

At about the third step on the ice range, I taste the coldness of the ice. Ooh, this is why they made us wear gloves. It's not protecting us when we are skating, it's protecting us when we fall. The ice can really hurt your palm, especially when you fall like me.

Not long after that I taste all positions of falling while skating. Well, I'm not even skating. I'm like a child learning how to walk.

Because of too many times falling, some nice people came to me and offered help. A very sincere looking guy suddenly appear out of no where and ask, "Do you need help?" and with mixed feelings of embarrassment and overwhelm, I refused so immediately that not long after I'm afraid I was being rude. But I guess some ego was playing part in it.

Then a girl said hi and offered to skate together. She was aware that besides her I was the only adult girl there. She asked if I came here alone, seeing me skating alone most of the time. And obviously this is my first. In my thought she must been doing this for a long time but impressively this was only her second! We skated and talked for a while and then I realize I can't focus on balance while chatting (after I almost fall a few times and made her my holding pole) so I said she better go first so I won't held her back. She said it's her pleasure and left me to my brother Adib.

After a dozen times of "The Great Fall", I eventually learnt how to prevent myself from falling. I can stand by my own! Alhamdulillah! Hurray!! Then it progress with steps, then I saw myself gliding a little bit. So happy :)

My legs hurt so much that I know it's enough for now. Getting out of the range, I wave goodbye to the girl name Nurul. She waved back and smile. It was brief but sweet.

Dozens of falls, couple of bruises, three rounds, and a new friend. Perfect :)

I'm definitely gonna get down to that skating range again wearing the skating shoes and gloves. Soon!



Nurul Izzah said...

nanti jom skate same2~~^_^

Azurin Syazlina Binti Belkhaini said...

sy prnh skate jgk akak. skali je. nnt kalau brksmpatan, jom skate sma2 bt kali kedua... ^^,

emann said...

jom jom! nnt iman blanje ;) azurin pun tau!!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

seronok tengok orang jatuh....

emann said...

dh terer seronokla. kdg2 kalau dh di depan kena toleh tgk org yg ketinggalan...