Saturday, June 21, 2008

2nd Day - Bandung All The Way!

Assalamualaikum, from Jakarta once again!

Last night I slept at 4am and only got about one hour sleep. Woke up at 5.17am, I perform Subuh prayer, and then hurrying for our 6.15am express train to Bandung. There's two classes to choose from; business and executive class. We took the executive class of Argo Gede train for Rp45,000 per person, providing air-conditioned space and some bakery for complement. The three hours journey brought my sister and I on a chat in the first hour. We talked about the past, the present and the future. How we've grown up and going on our own way. I'm glad we talked, cause this might be the last real face to face talk we ever have before she go to the US.

The next two hours, I explore Abah's Blackberry internet fuctionality, discovering some places of interest in Bandung. After listing down all the places recommended in the internet, I called a rental car driver, Pak Dadang (whom number also I got from the internet) to get his service for half day. I'm so lucky to get an available car and driver even though I'm calling on the same day. We agreed on the price of Rp300,000 covering everything, including benzene and parking.

For your information, the train also provide meals like Nasi Goreng, Nasi Campur etc, but of course it will be charged and I believe the price must be a lot more expensive than the one you get at regular stalls. The one thing that you should never miss is the scenery along the last one hour journey, where outside you can see how natures can capture your eyes. Mountains, rivers, hills with rice-plants on them, so tempting! Subhanallah!

We arrived in Bandung on 9.30am. We met Pak Dadang, our guide of the day and we're off for our shopping heaven!!! Bandung, here we come!!!

Our Bandung-Jakarta train is scheduled on 6.30pm, so we got about 9 hours to explore Bandung. I asked Pak Dadang to bring us to Jalan Dago, one of the places with lots of factory outlets besides Jalan Riau. We first were brought to Episode, a factory outlet selling branded clothes for the whole family.

We shop,and shop, and shop until we drop! Actually, I'm not really a shopping person, compared to some of my friends (ehem ehem...), but normal for gurls, you just can't resist when you see something with discounts, cheaper price, and moreover with special gift goes with it! So guys, don't blame our nature, just remind us when we are going too far...hehe

Abah also enjoyed shopping in Bandung, and for the record, Abah's the one who started the shopping thing when he found the cheap wide-range branded trousers. You name it- BOSS, HUGO, DOCKERS, they're all there. We were blinded! Well, I got a cool grey sweater for myself... ^_^

Then we went to Grande just across the road from Episode, then realizing it's lunch time, we searched for a Sunda restaurant. Pak Dadang brought us to this restaurant called Sindang Reret, quite an exclusive one. Try Gurame fish dish, and a drink named Neinang Strawberry (if I'm not mistaken), offers an exquisite taste!

Then we continue shopping at Toko Tiga, a store with a with variety of jeans-Levi's, Cardinal, Lois~ you name it! The cheapest is about Rp50,000, but the higher the price, the better the quality and the brand. Next stop, Stock Center, where we bought Iffah's and Afiq's(my younger sis and brother) a coat-blouse and a sweater. Oooh...can we not buy something anywhere we stop?

Abah made us realize that Pak Dadang will always get inside the shop after we finished buying things. Apparently, he went inside to get some commission for bringing some client to the shop. Business minded, I say!

We then drowned ourselves with bags! Handbags, backpacks, luggage-bags, oohh, we can't make up our mind! At last we ended up buying 9 bags, one for everybody - three for me! huhu The thing I realized is every store we stopped, there must be other Malaysians there too. I'm so amazed on how crazy Malaysians are in shopping! Well, that may includes me, but come on, if there's more Malaysian than other foreigner here, what else can that conclude?

Then I insist on getting some 'jajanan' to bring back for family and friends. We stopped at a stall selling many types of 'kerepek' and 'manisan' or more known as 'jeruk' in Bahasa Malaysia. Last stop is the specialty of Bandung! Who knows, raise your hand! Right!! Steamed Brownies!!! Yummy!

Allright, enough for the day. We managed to get on the train on time (thank God!), and have our rest after whole day shopping like crazy around Bandung. New place, new experience and new goods! Haha ^_~

Well, for those who's planning to get to Bandung, plan your spending. List down what you want to buy, know where your aimed destination, make some space in your luggage, and spend wisely! It may seem cheap, but buy only when you need it! Okay, I guess that's all for now. Have a nice day! ^_^"




Badrul Aini Sha'ari said...

The one thing that you should never miss is the scenery along the last one hour journey, where outside you can see how natures can capture your eyes. Mountains, rivers, hills with rice-plants on them, so tempting! Subhanallah!

salam perjuangan...

kite punye la scroll down nak tengok gambar...

alih2 gambar die plak... isy3x... jgn mrh tuan rmh... :)

emann said...

Salam Bad. Hehe maafla. terlalu terpana dgn scenery smpi x smpt capai kamera. hihi Sbnrnye byk gmbr lain tp sbb gmbr yg cntk2 sume dlm cam adik sy, dan sy xdpt upload gmbr dr cam die, jd sekadar yg ada je la setakat ni. Nnt bile sy dh copy dr my sis sy gnti ngan gmbr2 saya tu ye...hehe

ainul ilyani said... time kalo ani nak turon sane,bole mintak tulong iman eh??;P jd tourist guide,...

syurga tinggi _(o'.'o)_ said...

salam emann..
bestnye jalan2 n shopping2..
nak g bandung juge!
ani, nk ikut ko skali bleh?
ooppss, pasni ani mst g 'ber2' kn?
hehe =p
ok2, janna x kaco.. =D

emann said...

to Ani: Boleh bukan as tourist guide tp teman shopping kot! haha tak puas shopping lg that day, sehari tak cukup! ani nak gi sane ngan si F boleh, tp kena time die dh keje la, kalo x telan air liur jelaa... ;)
to Jana: best mmg best, tp yg punya poket keringgg...hihi Takpe biarla ani g ngan abg die, kite dating berdua kan jana...(jeles jeles..)